Hyunseung Facts


Hyunseung is naturally skinny, even though he’s a junk food fanatic. –
Hyunseung will only clean up his own space

Hyunseung has his own ways in taking care of his throat. He drink pear juice in every two days to maintain his voice/throat

Junhyung & Hyunseung are known as the fashionistas in BEAST because of their deep interest & love in fashion.

Kikwang would like to tell Hyunseung to stop eating chicken

When he’s stressed. he jus wants to be left alone

He feel scared when the first met with junhyung “i was scared when we first met, he looks mysterious and gave me scary stares”

Member called him “prince jang” because, hyunseung is very perfectionist ” i just pursue that if anything is perfect, there is no problem”

When other members questions “what about your future wife?”
hyunseung cooly answered “i’ll worry about my answer in the future”

He likes a girl with pretty head (?) (i don’t know what he mean)

Hyunseung’s ideal type is SNSD’s Yoona, as mentioned on Park Kyung Rim’s radio show. Yoona also acknowledged this because SNSD was on a show right after B2ST.

Hyunseung has a clean shaved armpit

Hyunseung cannot be separated from meat

Hyunseung subscribes to the Japanese fashion magazine, Tune

Hyunseung communicates with fans on various websites on his spare time. He does this to strengthen his bond with fans

Hyunseung doesn’t think being rejected is a bad thing. It’s beneficial because it helps the public know them

Even when practices are over, Hyunseung stays up until dawn perfecting the choreography

Hyunseung says music takes time. It’s something that takes an entire lifetime to complete

Hyunseung used to be in a dance crew called Star System Crew

One of Hyunseung’s favorite songs is “Gee” by SNSD

Hyunseung wants to play the bad guy role in a drama

Hyunseung likes being called a male god because it’s 100 times better than calling him a goddess

When Hyunseung was younger, he couldn’t tell the difference between an elephant and an umbrella

Web surfing and bowling are two of Hyunseung’s favorite things to do

Hyunseung’s work method: work to your best ability and rest (for a long time) to your best ability

Hyunseung, TOP, and G-Dragon were known as the camwhoring trio

When Hyunseung was asked which member he’d leave his sister with, he picked Yoseob

Hyunseung kept one gift from G-Dragon, which is a studded belt

Hyunseung’s favorite food is chicken and orange juice

During “Shock” days, Hyunseung wanted his hair more like Narsha’s while choosing his hairstyle

Hyunseung’s dream was to become a dancer. From that moment on, he fell in love with dancing

Hyunseung is a perfectionist

Hyunseung likes to mix-match sporty and classy clothes together

Hyunseung thinks he looks manly, so he wonders why fans call him “pretty.”

When Hyunseung first met Doojoon, he knew that Doojoon would be a reliable leader

Hyunseung likes the attention from fans

Hyunseung believes that one day, all antis will switch sides

If you make Hyunseung do weird things, he’ll catch a cab and leave

Hyunseung’s ideal type of girl is someone with milky white skin and double eyelids

Hyunseung’s favorite SNSD member is Yoona

When Hyunseung wanted to board the bus but was blocked by fans, he chicly said, “Excuse me,” and fans immediately made a way for him to pass

Hyunseung doesn’t mind when fans speak informally to him

Hyunseung used to always get Junhyung and Doojoon’s names mixed up

Hyunseung cleans any mess he walks past by

Hyunseung wants to date Miranda Kerr

Hyunseung first wanted to use a stage name, but changed his mind after not wanting to upset his parents by not using the name they gave him

Hyunseung’s first impression on Dongwoon was that he could trust him immediately

Hyunseung wants each of the members to have a solo song

Hyunseung would choose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member, but he has no specific person as his ideal type

Hyunseung hates it when members eat and don’t clean up

Hyunseung’s favorite shape is a star

Hyunseung’s dancing style is influenced by Usher an Omarion, two of his most respected artists

Hyunseung’s first impression on Dongwoon was that he could trust him instantly

Hyunseung wonders why water is water

Hyunseung wants to get his driver’s license very soon

Hyunseung would change the music charts if he had the chance to change anything in the world

Hyunseung thinks he looks manly, so he wonders why fans call him “pretty.”

Hyunseung works hard in BEAST hoping to be loved even more

Hyunseung is a B2UTY

Hyunseung the prettiest member. Everyone in BEAST agrees

Hyunseung doesn’t care much for antis because they will someday switch sides

Hyunseung had lasik surgery

Hyunseung is right handed

Hyunseung drinks a glass of pear juice every two days to keep his throat healthy

“However, Hyunseung couldn’t even hear his alarm clock, that he set by himself… the alarm kept ringing.” – Dongwoon

DW continued saying that HS alarm clock ended waking ALL the members up, except for Hyunseung, who was still fast asleep.

K-fans named Hyunseung, The Eye Prince cos his feelings are always unpredictable. Also, he always communicate through his glowing eyes.

Hyunseung believes that being a rejected member is not all negative. In fact, it’s good because it helps to make the public knows more about them.

Hyunseung met Big Bang’s G-Dragon for the first time on October 18th last year, during the broadcast of SBS Inkigayo, after being eliminated from Big Bang reality show.

Hyunseung described the tension of BEAST’s first debut stage as, ‘like wearing a bag of sand’.

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